Exploring The Causes Most Vulcans Are Vegetarian

Exploring The Causes Most Vulcans Are Vegetarian

Star Trek has all the time tried to be pretty political, and embody a considerable amount of social commentary inside the confines of a fictional world. Thus, it might not come as an enormous shock that in addition they tackled the controversial (for its Nineteen Sixties time interval) matter of vegetarianism. The reveals by no means dive too deep into this, by no means totally committing to provide an opinion about whether or not it’s good or dangerous. Nearly all of characters nonetheless eat and revel in animal protein, with one societal exception: the Vulcans.


The primary, extra apparent causes behind not consuming meat, is that the Vulcans have a profound respect for all dwelling creatures, and consuming them would go in opposition to all the things they stood for on this respect. Non-violence is one in every of their society’s highest creeds, and whereas they nonetheless partake in attempting to find the honing of their abilities, they don’t kill animals. Whereas it appears to be pretty constant inside the franchise that each one Vulcans chorus from consuming meat, there may be an odd exception that should have been a continuity subject: at one level, Quark from Deep House 9 cooks a ‘conventional Vulcan favourite,’ jumbo Romulan mollusks, which, if something just like the mollusks of earth, are positively not vegetarian. Vulcans are famous to be vegetarian particularly relatively than vegan, T’Pol from Enterprise being known as such. Moreover, Tuvok appears to don’t have any subject with consuming Porakan eggs in an episode of the Voyager sequence. There’s nonetheless some debate over whether or not Vulcans are vegan or not normally, however the consensus is that they’re merely vegetarian.

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Whereas these causes make a whole lot of sense for the tradition, it’s odd to see it nonetheless adopted en-mass in a time when the vast majority of meals (a minimum of for a Starfleet officer) is replicated. The usage of this expertise implies that animal protein may be created with out the need of harming a dwelling being. Meat may be created from mild, and thus ought to keep away from any moral discomfort for a Vulcan. The one rationalization for his or her conditioned avoidance is most definitely to do with their cultural historical past. Vulcans might now not see a problem with consuming fabricated meat; relatively, they select to not eat it just because they by no means have, and don’t have any need to. Whereas Vulcans take pleasure in meals, they accomplish that with a lot much less vigor than different races, usually seeing it as a logical necessity for survival and health relatively than an emotional indulgance. They’ll eat meat now, so long as it comes from a replicator. However very like many people keep away from the vastly completely different sustenances of different races (Klingon bloodwine involves thoughts) the Vulcans are eternally turned off of the notion.

Exploring The Causes Most Vulcans Are Vegetarian

Along with cultural morality, there could also be a geological issue at play in Vulcan vegetarianism. Vulcan is a desert planet with a reasonably harsh local weather. Sustaining the manufacturing of sufficient livestock on such a planet can be exhausting, and whereas not unattainable, it might have been a lot simpler to develop crops than each livestock and the required crops to feed them. Ever the logical society, Vulcans would have chosen the route that drained fewer assets.

The explanations listed above are pretty logical for the Vulcan individuals, however there may be one other unusual aspect impact consuming actual meat has on them. The shift to turning into vegetarian came visiting a thousand years previous to the ‘trendy’ Vulcans proven within the reveals, for the time being the place they started following the instructing of Surak, their religious chief of kinds. Those that adopted grew to become the Vulcans seen within the present. Those who selected the battle path and rejected them have been solid out, and have become the Romulans.

There’s an episode of The Authentic Collection known as “All Our Yesterdays” wherein Spock is transported 5,000 years into the previous, and encounters his relatively brutal ancestors. It’s right here the place they present the traditional Vulcans consuming meat, proving that they’re a race able to doing so, and that their our bodies may really digest it. Spock, feeling the unfavourable results of the soar in time, begins to revert into the mentality of his ancestors, displaying matches of emotion and even consuming meat. Whereas indirectly associated, the second closely means that the consumption of meat is a part of his transformation again right into a wilder, extra animistic Vulcan. It is implied that the consuming of meat was the ultimate push to ship him spiraling again into his ancestral, illogical, and emotional methods.

Star Trek: T’Pol

For Vulcan society to start to eat meat once more would really feel rather a lot like a return to a a lot darker aspect of their historical past, a time earlier than Sarak’s teachings and long-lasting peace. There are trendy Vulcans proven within the franchise who devour animal protein, however these are sometimes splinter fractions of Vulcan tradition, ones who both refuse to regulate their feelings, or are designed to be particularly suspicious. Their consuming meat is used as a plot machine to sow the seed of doubt in opposition to them, as that is seen as an unnatural factor for a Vulcan to do. The most effective instance of a traditional Vulcan response to consuming meat comes within the Enterprise episode “Damaged Bow: Half 1” the place Captain Archer and Tucker are consuming dinner with T’Pol, they usually overtly talk about her vegetarianism. She appears appalled by them as they tuck right into a steak (as it is a time earlier than replicators keep in mind), and he or she roasts them with the next:

“You people declare to be enlightened, but you continue to devour to flesh of animals.”

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